EMV Truths Made Simple

I hear it from businesses I get to serve.  I hear it from the news. We talk about in the office.  EMV is coming.  October 1 … everything changes. But even after months of planning, multiple email blog posts and emails, I find that there is still quite a bit of confusion about implications of the coming liability shift and what it means for... Read more.

How to Name Products So Customers Want Them

What’s in a name? Basically everything. I can remember sitting down with my husband, trying to pick out a name for our firstborn. Ones that he loved brought up bad memories of bratty elementary classmates. Others that I mentioned reminded him of annoying ex-girlfriends. Names trigger how we remember who, where, or what we encounter. And names... Read more.

10 Ways to Avoid Job Burnout

When you first start your business, it can feel that you could do this 24/7—because it’s your passion! But owning or operating a small company can be taxing after the thousands of hours required to run it, and may cause increased feelings of stress and anxiety. When these feelings are left unattended, job duties may lead to burnout. To... Read more.

Increase Employee Productivity Without Being Annoying

For whatever reason, you’ve realized it’s time to push the productivity of your staff to the next level. This can be a grand challenge for your business, or it can crash and burn if not handled (or accepted) well. Here are a few suggestions to expand productivity without becoming “that” kind of boss: Give the reason why. Employees... Read more.

How to Ensure an Interviewee Will Become a Successful Employee

Your staff members are one of your greatest resources. Making sure each employee you hire will be a good fit and will help further the success of your business is important—and can be intimidating. It’s easy to think someone is a “perfect fit” during an interview. But anyone can be on his/her best behavior for a brief meeting. How can... Read more.

How to Sell When You’re Not a Salesman

Cold calls, trade shows, presentations, one-on-one conversations—all to get your product to sell —can be extremely intimidating, especially if you don’t consider sales your strong suit. A career in sales often requires a person to have a certain charisma. Traits like assertiveness, high confidence, quick thinking, and relational skills are... Read more.

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