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What drives repeat business? Which of your marketing efforts are worth your continued investment? Saltsha answers these questions. Saltsha is a portal that offers everything from transactional data to customer management, to help you better track sales and marketing opportunities.

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Log in to your customizable and easy-to-read interface, Saltsha Dashboard, to access and review automatically generated reports including sales data, payments, loyalty rewards, and more. Additionally, track your goals, process invoices, and more.

Knowledge is power, and Saltsha POS equips you by using a cloud-based intelligence that supports large data volumes while simplifying it. This system automatically updates reporting throughout the day using a real-time matrix so you can monitor sales activity, returns, discounts, voids, adjustments, and tax exempt sales for one or many locations.

Use Saltsha’s customer management capabilities to track sales trends and store customer information. Filter customer data by lists to view such statistics as top spenders, most frequent visitors, and even those who haven’t returned in a while.

Every time a credit card is swiped, you earn points in Saltsha’s loyalty rewards program. These points are good as long as you process with PayProTec, and can be redeemed in the categories of travel, gift cards, books, electronics, music, and more!

24-Hour Customer Service

You’re not alone. Saltsha’s 24/7 customer service team is available by phone, online chat, and text and each member is dedicated to helping you get back on track as quickly as possible so you don’t lose business.

High Security

Because you trust us with your information, keeping your information safe is very important to us. We are extremely diligent to use the most current technology and cutting-edge security to ensure that your information is as secure as possible.

Improved Data Speeds

Our goal is to help you get to your data faster and easier. This current version of Saltsha is ten times faster than our original version, and we have optimized the database so you can compare your data numbers faster.

Easier-to-Read Data

Saltsha does the tedious work for you by creating charts, spreadsheets, graphs, and heat maps. Choose which of the 15 graphs to load first on your customizable Saltsha dashboard. These heat maps, bars, and graphs help you identify trends at a glance and do comparative analysis at a glance of when your most profitable times and seasons are so you can make better informed business decisions.

New Site Structure

We re-designed and adapted the Saltsha website so you can find the information you need, in the way you want it, and in the fewest clicks possible. You have enough demands on your time, here’s one way we can make things a little easier for you.

Manage Multiple MID's

If you have two or more business locations, you can manage the data of each from anywhere you have access to the internet. Choose which locations you wish to compare, how the information is presented, and use the results to increase your edge over your competitors.

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